The Relay Project is a magazine you listen to. A publication of sounds released on CD, it occupies the gap in your library between the records and the journals, swapping the sounds from one for the pages of the other. Each track is created by a different contributor, though each CD is curated as a whole. Content is limited to things that make noise, but is otherwise boundless: interviews, stories, found and archival sound, virtual vacations, documentary, music, field recordings, affirmations, dissentions, voice, breath.

As an audiomagazine, we’re interested in providing a new platform to experience sound free from the constraints of the computer, the antenna, political or corporate interests. The decision of how, when and in what place to access the project is made by you. Offering room to explore connections both within and between tracks and without the guide of liner notes or traditional audio narration, we hope to build out a space where questions can be posed and new responses generated: where audio and the listener can meet. We believe the project can provide a nexus for individuals and communities that are not geographically linked, acting as a point of connection for far-flung fans of audio, voices and stories. The door is open.

The Relay Project is an independently published serial release available in magazine, book, record and specialty stores. Or you can order it here on our website. Now.